Owners Handbook

(Last revised 30 September 2015)

PLEASE NOTE: This is the latest version of the Handbook as of the date above. This is a living document that changes frequently. Please do not rely on any printed version of the Handbook, unless it has the same date as above. Printed versions are usually badly out of date.

There are several ways to find information from the Handbook. You can browse the Table of Contents below or at the beginning of the complete version for the section or appendix you are looking for. Or you can check the new Index at the end of the complete Handbook, Or you can use the Google search from the web site menu. Keep in mind that Table of Contents and the Index will always be up to date, but the Google search may not be updated as quickly.

  1. The complete UNIT OWNERS HANDBOOK with Index. This is a PDF file. To read or print this file, you need the Acrobat Reader software, available as a free download from Adobe.
  2. Important Contacts. Management Team, City and utility contacts.
  3. Section 1. Introduction and Welcome to Quail Run
  4. Section 2. Maintenance
  5. Section 3. Parking and Traffic Procedures and Restrictions
  6. Section 4. Use of Common Areas and Facilities
  7. Section 5. Changes and Alterations
  8. Section 6. Individual Residential Units
  9. Section 7. Recreational Facilities
  10. Section 8. Insurance
  11. Section 9. Appendices
    • Appendix 1: Work Request Form
    • Appendix 2: Changes and Alterations: Application Form
    • Appendix 3: Plants and Shrubs for use in Common Areas (Revised July 2010)
    • Appendix 4: Buyer/Seller Agreement concerning Plantings
    • Appendix 5: Insurance Procedures
    • Appendix 6: Unit and Door Color Paint Specifications
    • Appendix 7: Approved Storm and Screen Door and hardware specifications
    • Appendix 8: Specifications for Replacement Windows and Gliding Doors
    • Appendix 9: Approved Flagpole Mounting Hardware
    • Appendix 10: Specifications for Installation of AZEK and TREX Decking and TRADEMARK Railing Systems
    • Appendix 11: Specifications for materials to put under decks
    • Appendix 12: Specifications for installing divider walls in garages.
    • Appendix 13: Request for installation of garage doors (REVISED 4 Sept. 2014)
    • Appendix 14: Unit Owner Landscaping Improvements Trial Program
    • Appendix 15: Holiday Decorations Guidelines
    • Appendix 16: Tractor Trailer Issues
    • Appendix 17: Pet Request Form